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for your city anytime of day. >>> a seagull is to blame for starting a fire when it landed on a power line and it snapped. 12,000-volt live wire fell into a front yard on delaware street. the homeowner said he heard a loud noise, came out and found his front yard on fire. >> i tried to grab the garden hose, you know, and an off-duty firefighter was here and said don't do that because it's -- there's downed lines. and so within seconds, i was sequestered away from the house. >> some homes on the block were evacuated until firefighters put out the flames. that fire caused about $50,000 in damage. nobody was hurt except for the bird. >>> other bay area headlines, investigators are looking into what caused an early-morning fire destroying part of a home in vallejo. two people inside were able to get out safely. one firefighter was treated for exhaustion. >>> in albany middle school students gathered to light candles and offer support after their sixth grade teacher accused of molestation killed himself. dozens showed up to albany middle school for a vigil this morning. 28-year-old james izumiz
people have been killed nearly 8 million customers in 15 states are without power. new york city's subway system swamped. countless homes have been destroyed by fire, wind, floods. one government prediction says the wind damage alone could top $7 billion. president obamaed heads to new jersey tomorrow to survey the damage there. sandy dealt the garden state a punishing blow. end tired neighborhoods are under water and beach boardwalks are in ruins. duarte geraldino shows us what's left. >> reporter: access to atlantic city is limited tonight because safety officials say the roads are still not safe. many of the areas are littered with debris. behind me, you can see what's left of a nice chunk of the famed atlantic city boardwalk. it was ripped apart by super storm sandy. tomorrow, the president is expected to join the new jersey governor and tour parts of the state most heavily damaged by the storm. in atlantic city, duarte geraldino, cbs 5. >>> the super storm also left parts of maryland under water but the real problem is another kind of flood. raw sewage is spewing into baltimore area
in silicon valley. city council member laura masias says it could be getting worse. >> we could expect as many as 30,000 more people. that has not been approved so we need to plan for it carefully. >> reporter: that would nearly double the number now work in the area. >> i commute 7 miles and it takes me 30 to 35 minutes to get here. >> reporter: but window installer bill parks won't be here for long. his building was just sold to a high-tech company and he will be moving out. >> the little guy is being forced out. >> reporter: the new wave of office projects has mountain view look at a range of transportation options, more shuttle buses and better bike lanes as well as park and ride lots and even futuristic people movers but one option, building high density worker housing, is off the table due to the impact on wildlife like burrowing owls. >> the pressures on our wildlife resources would be so severe, you could probably kiss some of those endangered species good-bye. >> reporter: so for now, people are coming up with their own plans to beat the backup. >> i definitely have given up o
find the pinpoint forecast for your city. >>> a bay area woman supposedly died peacefully in her sleep, but 86-year-old yolanda membrano's family says it's not true. her body was found yesterday at a school just a few blocks away from the assisted living facility in concord. membrano was an alzheimer's patient with a history of trying to escape from the home. her family tells us they never knew anything about her wandering away and now, they are demanding the truth. >> then we find out from the coroner, this isn't the first time she left the facility. why was the alarm not on the front door? how long was she out there? it was 100 in concord yesterday. why weren't we told the truth. was he hiding? >> her body was found nearly three hours after she was reported missing. the coroner's office believes that the heat could have been a factor. >>> an east bay mayor insists he is not backing down. vallejo's mayor is defiant as police investigate the weekend fire that targeted his law offices. joe vasquez with the mayor declaring he won't be intimidated. joe? >> reporter: you can see the damage
's safe return. san jose police and firefighters and city council members upped the reward to $6,000. marisa and her family couldn't believe that something good came out of a bad family episode. were you surprised? >> yeah. i'm just happy that he's safe and he's back and our family was apart. he is going to be safe no matter what now. >> reporter: now, the woman from los banos who returned the dog today says that she is going to put that reward money to good use. allen, her own children got attached to the dog when they found it yesterday after only a couple of days. and so she is going to use that money to go buy them a new puppy. >> len, i can't tell you how many people have asked me, what kind of breed is that little dog? i read it, they call it a yorkie shih tzu mix. >> reporter: it is a mix. it's a cute mix. it's one of those things where that dog just has a face that could you recognize. and that is exactly what happened. the woman looking at her mobile phone saw a news report called it in and you saw the happy reunion today. >> yeah. good all the way around. len, thanks.
is not justice. >> reporter: the sheriff and his wife heard from supporters both on the steps of city hall and inside right now where public comment is going on. it's expected to take several hours. and then at some point, the board of supervisors is expected to vote on this matter tonight, liz, although they are not required to. we'll have to wait and see whether it does indeed resolve this evening. reporting live in city hall, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> it is still not clear how effective they are but one thing is certain: wherever those red light cameras go, a heated debate is sure to follow. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo joining us from oakland where there could soon be a lot more of those cameras on the streets. ann. >> reporter: yeah, allen, the oakland public safety committee is meeting in half hour to discuss whether or not to add more cameras throughout the city. and it's not really a clear-cut yes or no. >>> reporter: the last light before the freeway entrance is often the last place you want to stop. and the city of oakland knows that and has a red light camera on 2
oakland. cbs 5 reporter phil matier talked one on one with mayor jean quan with the city's year of living "occupied." >> reporter: one of the "occupy" demonstrations is under here but it's here at frank ogawa plaza that the mayor is concerned about. it was a year ago and this is the image to the world an "occupy" camp in the heart of downtown that went up with the blessing of the mayor and a number of city council members. a few months later... [ noise and explosions ] >> reporter: this was the image that replaced it after the mayor ordered the camp cleared out and allowed it back in after a night of violence. what follows more demonstrations and more confrontations. today the plaza is cleared out, green again, bracing for another round of possible demonstrations only this time -- >> we will try to protect the rights to demonstrate but we are not going to tolerate violence or camping. >> reporter: it peaked with the massive demonstration that shut down the port. quan was threatened with recall and to this day the city is divided over city hall's response to the encampment. >> a year ago
they are the victims of a crime. i just was lucky. there are some people in our city had are victims of crime who are not lucky who are shot, who are permanently injured or murdered. >> youth should be part of the solution of violence in oakland. >> reporter: teenagers who grew one murderer ofs friends and families spent months trying to make their community a better place through filming video. >> using creativity to try to imagine alternatives to violence. >> reporter: this footage is only part of the project done by those students who are participants in a program at the ella baker center for human rights. the rest of the video is gone in the hands of two young men who robbed the filmmakers before $3,000 worth of camera equipment. >> while they were doing one of the video shoots on the street two people came up behind them with guns and the whole group backed away from the equipment and the equipment was all taken. >> reporter: the ella baker kids have put together a facebook page. they are hoping the community will help donate and help them get some new equipment. as for dan kalb, he says he
. a 6 parnassus bus, the passenger got into an argument with the driver. when a city worker intervened, the passenger stabbed him in the neck with scissors. that victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the attacker was arrested. >>> the san jose police department has arrested one of its own. officer jeffrey enslen is suspected of committing grand theft. this after the department conducted a nine-month internal investigation into time sheet fraud. enslen has been placed on administrative leave. >>> a quick reminder to those of you -- for those of you in 408. starting tomorrow you will need to dial the area code when making local calls because the new 669 area code is being added to the region. this affects people in santa clara county and parts of alameda and santa cruz counties, as well. no matter which area code you live in, 408 or 669, you will first need to dial 1. >>> it wouldn't just change the san francisco skyline. the plans for a building that would reign tallest on the west coast. >> speaking of rainfall, we are going to have some of that soon. the
for the family. >>> the san francisco driver nearly ended up inside a safeway store in the city's marina district. his jaguar jumped the parking bumper and slammed into a line of shopping carts. but the car stopped short of the store's front windows. the driver was not badly hurt. >>> well, if san francisco giants would play tonight they probably would but it's a travel day. they hope to keep up the momentum tomorrow night in detroit. the club left san francisco this morning with a comfortable 2-0 series lead. they boarded buses outside at&t park earlier. >> proud of these guys and hopefully, we'll play the type of ball we played here on the road. >> nobody thought the giants would be where they are so they have been surprising in the last couple of months. >> game 3 is tomorrow night. in the motor city, along with game 4 on sunday and game 5 if necessary on monday. >>> in two days your couch will come with a warning label because a as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, a controversial flame retardant is now on the state's list of cancer-causing chemicals. >> reporter: we're used
the west portal tunnel affecting lines into the city and shuttles were brought in for commuters. the services were back up and running by 10:30 a.m. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> reporter: chief hayes telling me that three firefighters slightly injured but their injuries were not serious. this is all over the street. you have corks like this from the wine shop from champagne bottles that exploded from the heat. look at the windowsill. they had wine in the store exploded and through out on the sidewalk. you can see all those are corks sit there is behind that glass that got superheated. a the love damage here. they are -- a lot of damage here. they are still going through it. investigators will be here all night and keeping the area closed off to the public for the time being. live from west portal in mobile 5, ken bastida, cbs 5. >>> a fire in the south bay gutted a family home sending two people to the hospital with burns. neighbors had reported hearing popping noises. that may have been the ammunition that the homeowner says he stored in the home on carl tan avenue near union. caus
justice. live in oakland,da lin, cbs 5. >>> a terror plot to blow up the federal reserve city in new york city was foiled. a 21-year-old man with al qaeda ties was arrested outside the building blocks from the world trade center site. the fbi says that the man parked a van filled with what he believed were explosives outside the building. he used a cell phone to try to detonate the van but the bombs were fake and were set up by undercover agents posing as the suspect's partners. last month he allegedly told an undercover agent he hoped the attack would stop the presidential election. >>> it was the presidential debate like any we have seen before. last night, both candidates came out swinging and things intensified when the benghazi attack was brought up. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the tra
concerned, as well. you can see the chase bank across the street from city hall. it's all boarded up with plywood. >>> reporter: some oakland "occupiers" say they want to celebrate the one-year anniversary in a peaceful manner. >> there's just no need for that kind of aggression when we could have much more civilized ways of disagreeing. >> reporter: but some downtown business owners are frightened by what they see. protestors wearing masks, helmets and holding shields. this chase bank across from oakland city hall didn't take any chances. they boarded up all the windows with plywood. other small businesses shut down early. the vietnamese restaurant closed four hours early. those that chose to keep their normal business hours say it was a slow day. the owner of this deli says business today is down by about 50% compared to a normal day. >> most of all business [ indiscernible ] from this area so they won't be free to come take their lunch break to come out and relax, you know, outside. >> reporter: "occupy" protestors say they won't damage any storefronts. they tell me they are agai
gave him enough votes to keep his job. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez at city hall of mirkarimi is back in the office while the interim sheriff is still in charge? >> reporter: right. in fact, they are meeting together right now. it might seem awkward but they say it's not. they said they need transitional meetings to bring him back up to speed. not everyone is thrilled he's bam. >>> reporter: as ross mirkarimi arrives back at the sheriff's office this afternoon following seven months of suspension, he insists he will play nice with his elected colleagues even those who tried to get him fired. >> i look forward to working with the mayoring the city attorney and district attorney. >> reporter: but the district attorney had an announcement of his own. >> we're hoping mr. mirkarimi will see the value in recusing himself. >> reporter: george gascon sent the sheriff a letter asking him to recuse himself from cases regarding domestic violence. >> we are asking him to remove himself. >> reporter: he has been on probation since march for bruising his wife's arm. after months of trying to get hi
: maybe it just seems that way but the city is awash in orange. giants orange. did you wear that orange for the giants? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> reporter: so not everyone is on the bandwagon but the world looks different through orange colored glasses. in the heart of san francisco, a giant orange heart. victoria's secret even had a giant bra -- i don't mean like a giant bra but it's orange, giants bra. >> it's supposed to be the happiest color, makes people happy. >> orange. >> for sure. >> reporter: at graphics sport wear they have been working on shirts since the game ended. >> when they were down 3-1 we had no idea we would be printing but as they kept winning games, we got ready to print. >> everybody loves the tigers. >> reporter: they won't be buying one. they are from detroit. >> detroit has had tough times so the tigers have been a really nice rallying point for the city. by the way, so we already know the weather for this coming weekend in detroit. possible snow flurries. so when they play ball saturday night in detroit, it's going to be in the 40s. >> reporter: the city of sou
investigations are underway to determine who knew what and when. >>> now back out live to san francisco city hall where mourners are remembering fallen ambassador chris stevens tonight. we are there now. >> reporter: a memorial for the ambassador started at 4:30, at san francisco city hall. it was filled an hour before that. that holds 700 people. they opened up one of the courthouse rooms right next door and began a televised feed in that room for the overflow crowd. people continue to come in to listen to the long list of specious that -- list of speakers. the san francisco mayor welcomed the gathering today and said that america has lost a true hero. >> we have lost a true hero to our nation. his accomplishments and generosity lives on in all of the places that he has served, promoting mutual respect, understanding and cooperation through international relationships. ambassador stevens is an inspiration to all of us. i did something -- >> reporter: now stevens grew up here in california. spent a lot of time as many bay area people know, attending uc berkeley and going to law school as well. he
million people to come into the city to attend these events. and there's going to be severe impacts to traffic. >> reporter: almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer mike ferguson breaks down some of the problem areas drivers might face. a big one any approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i think it's a safe bet it will be at least commute traffic heavy but it could be even worse than that. >> reporter: with traffic expected to go all the way back to the macarthur maze. the fremont and harrison street exits which lead to the embarcadero expected to add to the backup. also, the 280 and 101 interchange especially sunday before the 49ers game approaching candlestick. and off-ramps to the giants game. >> you see the right lanes over here get blocked. we have seen people try to drive on the shoulder. >> reporter: the commute won't get any easier inside the city. >> it's going to be slow moving for anyonewants to drive. once you get to your destination, there's going to be few places to park. >> reporter: so visitors are urged to use public transportation. bart or muni, ride your bik
it violates the city charter prohibiting nonrecreational uses in city parks. >>> today mayor lee and federal transportation officials announced the project will get $942 million. the money finalized funding for the extension of moon's t line through chinatown. the funding comes a day after opponents. muni project filed a lawsuit to stop it. mayor lee calls the lawsuit frivolous. >>> supporters of california's prop 37 making themselves heard in oakland and washington today. >> simple label, all we want is a simple label! >> today was a national day of action for supporters of the november ballot initiative which would require labeling of genetically modified food. meanwhile prop 37 supporters dropped off a petition at the white house. they say it had 200,000 signatures in favor of the proposed law. >>> other bay area headlines a serial arsonist in san jose struck again last night after another dumpster was found burning on the city's west side. good samaritans had that fire on delna manor lane put out by the time for a crews got there but this is the ninth fire in that area of downing and so
negotiations between pg ande the state the city of san bruno and others. the 2010 explosion. it's an internationally respected mediator and nobel peace prize nominee. he led the effort into major league baseball's steroid investigation. >>> fans are packing at&t park for game two between the giants and the cardinals. mike sugar man talked to fans from both sides. even one who's changed allegiances. mike tell me about this guy. >> it happened. giants down one nothing. it's do or i.d. no die. you could lose three and come back and win four. who knows. but there are two sides to every story. >> in a sea of orange and black there is red. >> i did 28 years in st. louis. i've been here since 69. he talks about his time there like a prison term. bloom saloon i new it as the cardinals bar but it's been a while since i was there. >> it's good to see you after 25 years. we did this in 1987. it was the only cardinals bar in the area. no today, not so much. i'm a convert to the giants these days. >> we're assured hit be rocking at game time. >> at&t seems to be where it's at. >> father and
protests at city hall. phil. >> reporter: that's right. this is by the monitor that was appointed by the federal judge who is thinking about possibly even taking over the troubled police department if things don't shape up. here's the story. >> reporter: the independent monitor reviewed nine of the most recent level 1 uses of force by oakland police. eight of those cases involved officers shooting and in two of those cases, people died. one of the biggest questions raised was whether the shootings could have been avoided noting that in some cases, we do not believe the evidence supports the existence of an imminent threat at the time the trigger was pulled. of particular concern the report said are those cases in which the subject was shot in the back. the report also criticized investigators at times for, quote, failing to ask the difficult questions. and, quote, being report takers not investigators. also cited, bias on the part of police when investigating one of their own stating that, quote, in most cases, the investigators appears predisposed to the position that the shootin
. >> reporter: so this is a ballot for alameda county, the city of berkeley, there's four different cards, there's 39 different things to vote on, there's 93 choices including -- well, here's the man running for mayor who calls himself da mayor and he is nextzachary running wolf and tom bates who is the mayor. 93 separate choices you have to make. so be prepared to spend some time here. >> i have already pretty well made my mind up on the propositions and the candidates. >> reporter: that's a smart way to avoid spending your entire afternoon down here. so in alameda county it is 52% who will either write in now or mail their ballot in. in california, it's about 50/50. and who does it help? well, it used to be republicans because they were generally ones that were a little more well off they could go away and they would send in an absentee ballot but now as you heard this gentleman say and we talked to, he might be working two jobs. so he's a democrat and it's hard to tell who will benefit. in oakland, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> as campaign 2012 heats up, is holding a presidential forum.
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21